• Tara Lynn Foxx – Part One

    Tara Lynn Foxx – Part One

    download this trailer: MOBILE HD MPEG WMV Tara Lynn Fox is so innocent and pretty looking. I loved ravaging her and turn her into a fuck toy. I encase her head in metal to really “fuck with her head”.

  • Puppy Slut Tera Knightly - Part Two

    Puppy Slut Tera Knightly – Part Two

    Tera Knightly continues to show her natural ability to obey and surrender in part two of the puppy training series. This girl has slut flowing through her veins.

  • Soma & Taylor Russo – Part Two

    Taylor Russo Bent Backwards

    download this trailer: MOBILE HD MPEG WMV Taylor Russo’s young form stretched backwards over metal bondage rod.  Goddess Soma, wearing leather, teases her helpless prey, covering her pretty face in nylon, tickling, slapping and making her come.

  • Soma & Taylor Russo – Part One

    The Crucifiction of Taylor Russo – Part One

    Taylor is a bratty, Russian attention whore I know from the BDSM scene. Her twin sister is someone you see me playing with also. In this scene I bound her tightly to a suspended bondage cross and taught he how to play with her skanky cunt.

  • Goddess Soma + Tera Knightly

    Puppy Slut Tera Knightly

    Tera Knightly is one of my favorite girls to play with. She really surrenders to me and I find our shoots to be like authentic play not acting. In this scene I turn her into a slut puppy.

  • _MG_7924

    Banging My slutty X Girlfriend Part Two

    As I mentioned in Part One…This isn’t my proudest work in some ways, but Mistress Eva and I had some chemistry that still makes my skin flush. This is hot dirty rough lesbian sex to use as a bed time story.

  • eva

    Les Dommes de Marquis de Sade Part One

    A pretentious and poorly executed movie…but it’s hot sex with my x-girlfriend including real orgasms and an intense personal connection.

  • goddessandboi2

    Proud Slave Part Three

    This is the last and most brutal part of the Proud to be a Slave series. It includes electrical torture on a metal bondage chair while boi’s eyes are covered.

  • Ariel X Part Three

    Upside Down Electric Ariel X (Part Three)

    After making Ariel my plaything in previous scenes, I invert her in a strict metal bondage. Her surrender is complete as I repeatedly shock her with electric currents.

  • Soma and Kayme Kai - Part One

    Breaking Kayme Kai Part 1

    I was so cruel to this Kaime Kai, but only because I knew she could handle it. Kaime was a pleasure to be around and I loved causing her pain while she was helpless to resist in strict bondage.

  • Proud Slave – Part Two

    I psyched boi out so much before we started filming that when we started she melted into a puddle of bondage tears. I have amazing chemistry with boi. Seeing this film is like watching a real scene in my bedroom/dungeon. There’s no acting.

  • Soma and Leah Parker – Part One

    Leah Parker’s Leather Splint Bondage

    This is an intense cruel scene with Leah Parker. She’s a sweet faced darling that I bound in leather splints. I turn her into a humiliated puddle of orgasms after a strenuous work over.