8 AVN Awards for Rubber Bordello!

We are honored, over the moon and ecstatic that AVN has chosen to nominate us for 8 awards. I’ll be crafting a press release and taking interviews shortly. For now here’s a little information about the nominations.
Rubber Bordello list of AVN Nominations:

Best Director-Soma Snakeoil
Best Original Song-Fat Mike
Best Soundtrack-Fat Mike and Dustin Lanker
Best Editing-Charles DeVos and Adam Fisher
Best Makeup
Best BDSM Feature
Best Comedy
Best Art Direction

A great big thanks to everyone involved in making the film. Here’s a full credit list.
Malicious Madame…Soma Snakeoil
Rope Seductress…Miss Nikki Nefarious
Rubber Whore…Sparky Sinclaire
Butch Cassidy…Deviant Kade
The Wife…RubberNecro
Evil Husband…Master Feenix
The Maid…Leigh Acosta
The Judge…Fat Mike
Whore 1…Bella Black
Dandy Whore…Matty Boi
Whore 2…Peggy
Whore 3…Carina Crash
Whore 4…Miss Drea DeVille

Cinematography…Jim Powers (and consultation and holding our hands through every step! Super big thanks)
Second Camera…Joel H. Christ
Still Photography…Damon E. Corso

Production Assistant…Juan Camacho
Production Assistant…Sunday Randolph

Wardrobe…Carina Crash and Master Feenix
Makeup…Carol of Fina Makeup
Makeup…Sunday Randolph
Hair…Matty Boi
Lube Slut Whore and Stunt Double…MasoChris

Special Thanks to Ogre at Dungeon Corp where all scenes were Shot

Music by Fat Mike and Dustin Lanker

“Do me like you do” Old Man Markley

Edited by Charles DeVos
DVD Authoring Adam Fisher
Cover Art Circus Hooker Smut Regime

Distribution by Juicy Entertainment (Special thanks to Danny)


A little word about privilege… I had an interesting experience recently.  I went to DC and NYC on a little mini Domme tour.  I saw clients, friends, BDSM F/family and did some photo shoots.

I have been blessed over the past few years to not need to advertise or take new clients.  I decided to show My face again on the East Coast to freshen connections with old clients, and to see some new ones.  I thought it would be interesting to find some fresh faces to play with.

I saw some delightful submissives, and some Dom/me F/friends, who of course realize in O/our world a W/woman is to be treated as a Queen.  That’s something that I love about the BDSM/Leather world.  W/women, whether Dominants or submissives, are expected to be treated with a high level of respect.  (As are other genders, but that’s not the point of this story.)  Of course, that respect may be followed by a slap to the face, a tearful blow job and rough anal sex for the sweet subby girls…but none the less W/women are held in high regard.

And then there’s those clients who are not really part of O/our world, and haven’t done their homework… Now I know that the world of professional BDSM practitioners is in effect a service industry.  I’m fully sensitive to the ambiguity of this strange craft.  I’m not the type of Domina that requires My clients to act as slaves.  That’s just silly and pretentious and lame.  I’m respectful of the fact that a client is paying for an erotically charged experience, and I should be mindful of preferences, proclivities, limits…and the occasional poorly drafted script.  However, I’m not punching a clock.  I did that for years in the real service industry…the restaurant business.

So, young man, before you come at Me with a sense of entitlement, just because you’re laying down some cash, remember this:  I don’t work for you.  you are offering tribute to a Goddess for the privilege of spending time with Me.  Don’t barter with Me, or act like your money holds some kind of power over Me.  The only one who’s desperate here is you…to get your fix of a bad boy spanking or be turned into a blushing pansy bitch or bound for hours in a rubber bondage bag….

And with that, I think I’ll return to My throne, and to taking only a very few worthy clients and submissives.  I’ll leave the rest of you idiots to bumble around in dark, seedy hallways, labyrinths and corridors.  I’ve had My fill of that and prefer My privileged elitist existence as a BDSM Goddess.

PVC Rooftop

Saving My Sick Soul

Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

I’ve been silent for awhile, but am so excited to post a blog today…

This morning I was relaxing on My bed in My beautiful, light flooded hillside home. I was getting a gentle massage from My slave girl pippi, and making plans for the day. My phone made a jingling harp like sound, so I looked to see who was texting Me. It was a random stranger who employed bad spelling, worse grammar and a strange need to save My mortal soul. I thought I’d share it since it was so amusing to Me.

Mysterious Texting Proselytizer:
Do u know my love that escorting and all sexual sin our lord taught was mortal and seperating sin from grace i direct our women out of this lifestlye back into GODS will and grace not here to demean or look down here to help we dont have much time be4 serious events includn 3 days of darkness google it And read i also have a large international social group on facebk preparing if u chose to move forward Jesus started one church thru st peter first pope of the catholic church matthew 16 uerse 17 to 19 if u want to get in his church il teach u the faith hope to hear back from u love u

Goddess Soma:
You are bizarre and assume to much. You know nothing about me. First of all, I’m not an escort and I don’t have sex with clients. I don’t know who this is but I don’t want to hear from you. I know more about the Bible and the history of the church than anyone you know. And by the way, Jesus kept company with “sinners” and whores.

Mysterious Texting Proselytizer:
U do call me what u do is of the devil miss goddess stay that path u will stay a breath frm hell ur excusemakn is sickening and did u just call me bizare im lookn at ur pics now wow Sick soul u r

Goddess Soma:
Are my pictures turning you on? You’re the one engaging in this actively. I bet you have something inside you that cries out to come into the light. It’s ok. You don’t need to be ashamed of your desires.

Goddess Soma:
Romans 2:1

Mysterious Texting Proselytizer:
Stay seperatd frm god u have ur mesage frm jesus

I didn’t bother writing back after the last comment. There’s not much you can say to someone who’s bringing a message directly from the Holy Trinity. Well, it’s been nice writing to you (My friends, family, fans and enemies…) but I need to get back to My wicked deeds and soul destroying darkness. I’ll be updating the site very soon with some sickening new content! xxx Soma-of-the-Devil-Snakeoil…

Hudsy Hawn’s Hedonists and Rubber Bordello

You remember I posted some photos not that long ago of my trip to Jamaica with Kink in the Carribbean. One of my favorite rubber encased people in Jamaica was the shiny siren Hudsy Hawn. Hudsy has a show on Talking Sex Radio that she asked me to come on. I will be on her show this Thursday at 8:00pm Western time. I’m sure you will get an insight into some of the deviant things we got into together while on shiny, sunny vacation.

I will also be discussing my new film Rubber Bordello. As you may have heard, my Premier Party for Rubber Bordello is the following day, February 10th. I will be showing never before seen clips and the trailer from the movie on Hudsy’s show.

A little about the film…It’s my first feature length film produced, written, directed and starred in by me. The film showcases some really talented fetish actors and an original soundtrack by Fat Mike. Fetish actors Nikki Nefarious, Sparky Sinclaire, Rubbernecro, Deviant Kade and Master Feenix took dramatic silent film overacting to a whole new level with each scene becoming consistently more perverse. There’s some great musicians that made this film so special including Dustin Lanker from the Mad Caddies, a horn player for Tom Waits and Old Man Markley. This is the fun part…it’s a sepia toned, silent film in the style of old Hollywood. It gets better…Hudsy Hawn sang the opening song written by Fat Mike for the film. Every one involved in this project was amazing to work with.

There’s going to be a press release out tomorrow and the website will also go live tomorrow. More details will follow! I’ve released a few photos from the movie on my twitter account. I also talk about it in Inked Magazine and then again in a few other interviews that I’ll be announcing over the next few weeks.

I’m really excited for all of my friends, fans and colleagues to see the movie! You’ll be able to purchase it directly from the film’s website in just a few days.

Please tune in to hear about my filthy exploits and my new movie with Hudsy Hawn’s Hedonists this Thursday!

Cartoon Soma Snakeoil Art

This first piece is by Satine Phoenix.  Satine is one of my favorite people.  We’ve done lots of films, shoots and live performances together and remain friends now that she’s left the industry. Satine’s attention to detail is so amazing!

The next drawing was done by a comic artist who was putting together a story about foot tickle torture.  He hired Lalo and I to pose for photos by Greg Welker to inspire the story.  We played spies from opposing sides fighting over an envelope full of government secrets.  I was an evil KGB femme fatale and she was a CIA queen of deception…To win this sensitive mission I tied up Lalo and tickle tortured her feet…I think in the end the American’s win and she strangles me with a phone cord or something that leads into more tickling.

Photo Journal of November

I’ve had an extremely busy month being a pervert.  I went to Kink in the Caribbean with part of my BDSM family.

One of my favorite evenings was spent with what became my Kink Family Domina Carmen of Seattle, Kip, Carina Crash and MasoChris, Mike, Queen Tahli and Pat, GreyDancer and Princess Kali.

Domina Carmen made Kip carry a boiled egg in his ass all day and then “birthed” it in front of us and made him eat it!  It was one of the most creative D/s scenes I’ve witnessed.

Later GreyDancer tied Queen Tahli and Pat together and Domina Carmen and I played with them.  We ended the evening in the outdoor dungeon with a fire play scene with Queen Tahli.

Much of my time in Jamaica was spent wearing tons and tons of rubber.  This is a photo of Mike and I relaxing after a photo shoot with Hudsy Hawn.

This is what I wore to the pool party.

Kink in the Caribbean was really special for me this year in building relationships with friends.  I got to spend some extra special times with Domina Carmen, Princess Kali and Mastress Simone.  These three women are strong, intelligent and powerful.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all they accomplish and you should look out for them too.  I’m very proud to be associated with such forward thinking erotic leaders.

After Jamaica I came back to LA and a whirlwind of kinky play time.  This Friday I played with my new special client who taught me how to use sugary sweets in medical play.  We played with marshmallows soaked in tequila inserted anally and chased by a champagne enema…followed by whip cream as lube for sounds.  We also used food coloring in a testicle saline infusion.  I love our play time because it mixes extreme play with sweet delights.

Saturday evening I had an all night session with my long time submissive lieutenant.  We spent the evening with Miss Antoinette and Miss Carina Crash.  The mischief is too private for me to tell in detail but I’m sharing a photo of me infusing Miss Carina’s breasts with saline.  Miss Carina spent the rest of the night worshiping her own tits in between play time with lieutenant.

Sunday we had a pee party at the dungeon.  This is this submissive’s personal sleep sack in the photo with my bondage potty chair in the right corner.  About 8 women attended the pee party this time and turned him into a soaking wet piss guzzler.

As can be expected after so much debauchery, I am completely exhausted today and plan to be very good, sweet and innocent…well, maybe not too good…

Courtney Crave and my Gyno Table

Michael Diaz of Surgeon Studios is someone I’ve been shooting with for years.
Occasionally I let him shoot girls at my dungeon in exchange for use of the dirty photos.  One of those sets is with beautiful sex kitten Courtney Crave.  I’m giving you yet another tease shot of photo sets to come as well as a peek into the medical area of my private dungeon.

NUDE by Chad Michael Ward

Check out this book called NUDE, I’m featured in by Chad Michael Ward.


Punishment Vs. Play

I’ve been thinking recently about the role of punishment in an erotic D/s relationship.  Erotic discipline is such an integral part of the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive.  Discipline or punishment reaffirms the power dynamic between a Domme and a sub and is vital for consensual behavior modification.  It is so important for their to be a clear distinction between punishment and play. So much of what we do in play time BDSM is intrinsically charged in a way that is similar to punishment.

Punishment can only be involved in a D/s dynamic, because to accept punishment one must believe there is a difference in power levels.  Play, on the other hand, can happen within a D/s dynamic, a fetish experience or an S/m Top and bottom experience, without power roles being a central theme.

In my BDSM Household it is very clear what the difference is between punishment and play.  I start by explaining my displeasure.  I tend to be cruel with my words during punishment.  Sometimes I will dismiss my submissive from my presence until I feel my emotions are in check to offer fair punishment.  Sometimes dismissal is the punishment.  I have a hand movement that I use to dismiss someone and there is a body position that my submissives can adopt to beg for mercy.

The thing about punishment, that I find substantially important, is that a punishment should always lead to redemption.  Without redemption punishment is a damaging cold chill in a D/s relationship and can lead to a sense of isolation for both partners.

My submissive, golden boy, and I spent many hours discussing the role of punishment in a D/s relationship.  We came up with a formula that works for us and I employ as a standard method for my household.

5 Points from Punishment to Redemption:

Punishment can take many forms, but to me its essence is a process:

1) a complete admission, confession of fault
2) a promise to improve with clear steps to follow in the future
3)  absolute, unqualified submission to authority
4)  assumption of a status or activity that is clearly understood to be punitive,
something painful, humiliating posture, public shame or a host of other things
help makes this clear e.g. spanking, standing in the corner, caning, stress positions…
5 ) most important – affection and forgiveness when the punishment phase has ended

Following the ritual of punishment is a beautiful way to keep a D/s relationship vibrant and healthy.

Kink in the Caribbean-First Photo with Hudsy Hawn

I did a photo shoot with Hudsy Hawn at Kink in the Caribbean.  Hudsy is an incredible sexy, powerful performer.  She sings with more guts and versatility than almost any woman I’ve seen AND she does it wearing latex and slapping people with her crop!  I just had to do a shoot with her since she’s so rad. I’m going to release the whole photo set when I receive it.  Until then, here’s a sneak peek.

Inescapable Bondage with Wolf Hudson


I did this shoot a couple years ago for Inescapable Bondage.  Clearly it’s not a girl/girl shoot like I usually share with you but I thought some of you may enjoy seeing something a little different.  The male bottom in the shoot is Wolf Hudson.  Wolf and I were kind of unsure of each other at the beginning of the day.  By the end of the grueling bondage experience he was one of my favorite people to work with.  You can see video footage of the play scene at