Ariel X

  • Ariel X Part Three

    Upside Down Electric Ariel X (Part Three)

    After making Ariel my plaything in previous scenes, I invert her in a strict metal bondage. Her surrender is complete as I repeatedly shock her with electric currents.

  • Soma and Ariel X – Part One

    Ariel X and the Mousetraps (Part One)

    Lesbian pain slut Ariel X is forced to look at herself in a mirror as I torture and tease her. I love making her pretty face ugly and changing the shape of her breasts with mousetraps.

  • Soma and Ariel X – Part Two

    Ariel X Part Two

    Ariel X is a heavy bottom and a total lesbian slut. I bind her tightly over a metal bar, cover her face and beat her with a buggy whip. I finish off by torturing her cunt and making her orgasm.