Soma Snakeoil’s boi

  • goddessandboi2

    Proud Slave Part Three

    This is the last and most brutal part of the Proud to be a Slave series. It includes electrical torture on a metal bondage chair while boi’s eyes are covered.

  • Proud Slave – Part Two

    I psyched boi out so much before we started filming that when we started she melted into a puddle of bondage tears. I have amazing chemistry with boi. Seeing this film is like watching a real scene in my bedroom/dungeon. There’s no acting.

  • Proud Slave – Part One

    Proud Slave – Part One

    This is painfully real lifestyle play with my boi slave. This was my real live in slave for 3 years. I train my cry baby slut to show respect, present and seduce my attention. This not a shoot…it’s real D/s play.