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  • Goddess Soma in her Latex Lair

    PVC in My dungeon on a Hot Summer Day.

    This was a hot summer day in my dungeon.  I was wearing lots of PVC and lounging in my patent leather throne.  I had to take off a few layers because of the heat, but not all… because what’s the …

  • Soma - Downtown LA Rooftop in Latex

    Soma – Downtown LA Rooftop in Latex

    Another amazing, erotic and perverted offering for you carnal pleasures from Soma Snakeoil!

  • Courtney Crave – Nurse

    Courtney Crave Rubber Nurse

    Courtney Crave as a latex nurse in my dungeon. She shows her sexy curves while staring at you with dangerous eyes. She turns my gyno table into a sex toy.

  • Tara Lynn Foxx – Part One

    Tara Lynn Foxx – Part One

    download this trailer: MOBILE HD MPEG WMV Tara Lynn Fox is so innocent and pretty looking. I loved ravaging her and turn her into a fuck toy. I encase her head in metal to really “fuck with her head”.

  • Puppy Slut Tera Knightly - Part Two

    Puppy Slut Tera Knightly – Part Two

    Tera Knightly continues to show her natural ability to obey and surrender in part two of the puppy training series. This girl has slut flowing through her veins.

  • jansoma-102808-tube-009

    January’s Encasement

    I love working with January Seraph. She’s authentically kinky and adventurous. Before she stopped doing sub work I had the opportunity to encase her in nylon and turn her into a faceless toy.

  • jansoma-102808-tube-120

    January’s Encasement Suspension Part 2

    This is Part Two of my encasement play time with salacious January Seraph. I hang her from the ceiling and grope her through her nylon encasement.

  • courtneyblue2

    Courtney Crave Shiny Black and Blue

    Courtney Crave looks amazing in latex…and on my couch. See her show off her curves in shiny transparent blue latex at my dungeon.

  • Soma & Taylor Russo – Part Two

    Taylor Russo Bent Backwards

    download this trailer: MOBILE HD MPEG WMV Taylor Russo’s young form stretched backwards over metal bondage rod.  Goddess Soma, wearing leather, teases her helpless prey, covering her pretty face in nylon, tickling, slapping and making her come.

  • Soma & Taylor Russo – Part One

    The Crucifiction of Taylor Russo – Part One

    Taylor is a bratty, Russian attention whore I know from the BDSM scene. Her twin sister is someone you see me playing with also. In this scene I bound her tightly to a suspended bondage cross and taught he how to play with her skanky cunt.

  • Bondage Madison Scott – Part Two

    Bondage Madison Scott – Part Two

    Madison Scott continues her romp in my bedroom. This time she’s joined by her Mistress, Drea DeVille and Myself in a soft leather blindfold. Ms. DeVille and I use the nude slut slave as a footstool.

  • Bondage Madison Scott – Part One

    Bondage Madison Scott – Part One

    Madison Scott spent the day in my bedroom wearing Ravynsblood Leather bondage cuffs and collars. Her Mistress and I were flirting and ignoring her as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Photos by Blackula